Saturday, June 26, 2021

Solid 2100 Pro New, DLX, 7272, 8181 remote firmware with QR CODE

This firmware is only for those who have QR unlock code handy. It does not matter whether they have purchased Hellobox or not. If someone has activated Hellobox firmware with an unlock code before the firmware became paid then you can install this firmware.

The only difference you will notice with this firmware and the NO QR CODE firmware is that this firmware supports clear dolby (EAC3+) sound.

Firmware Date: 1-Feb-2021

Size: 4 MB

QR Code Present

EAC3+ working via AV

Youtube Working

Wifi Dongle support RT and MT.

M3U working (please note M3U gets uploaded to Hellobox server)

There is no DLNA or SATIP option.

Click Here to Download

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Solid 2100 DLX, 2100 Pro(new), 7272, 8181 - K5S Software Youtube OK - NO QR CODE


We have been waiting for updated Firmware without QR Code for our Montage Set Top Boxes. Freesat Tracker bring for you another K5S Firmware with Full Remote Working for the following Set Top Boxes.

1.Solid 2100 DLX

2. Solid 2100 Pro New

3. Solid 7272

4. Solid 8181

This Firmware will also work if you use the Solid Remote in other Montage Set Top Boxes without any issues.

If you are using any K5S Firmware then you have to rename the firmware file to auto_burn.fac and copy it into a pen drive. Make sure the pen drive is an 8 GB pen drive as the firmware tries to create a dummy file of 4 GB size which you can delete later. You can also try with a smaller pen drive as it will probably do the job. Just plug in the pen drive and your set top box will automatically start the update. Remove the pen drive once you see FFFF on the display panel.

The Menu:

 Information: (Update 14-04-2021)

 Youtube is working fine as of now.

Regarding Audio, the firmware supports Dolby(AC3+) Audio but only 80% clear. We hope in future updates the audio will be 100% clear just like paid firmware.

It supports both RT and MT dongles without any issue.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

All Montage STB 8 MB Firmware - With Home Share

Today I have brought for you the latest Montage Chipset 8 MB Firmware. The Firmware date is 21-May-2021 and this supports both RT and MT dongles. It Also supports 3G dongles of Huawei and USB Ethernet converters. This is the unmodified firmware of LION set top box.
Regarding the Remote, you need to use Wezone 888 Remote. Since the ir1 file is 60bytes I could not patch the Solid remote which is 72 bytes. Hence we have to use Wezone 888 Remote only.

The System menu looks like this:

The Network page is shown below. Yahoo news works fine. There are some arabic iptv apps. You cannot use DVBFinder. Youtube works fine. Flickr is provided for picture viewing. Lots of free iptv apps are included.

The hidden menu is enabled by default. No need to enter any code.

The unique feature of this firmware is Home Share option.Using Home Share you can share the line in this set top box with up to 4 other set top boxes in the same network. This is a very useful if you are using multiple set top box in your home but do not want to invest on purchase of multiple lines.

Click Here to Download Firmware

If you want to try to patch remote file for your set top box make sure the ir1 file is of same size. 

Click Here to Download Montage Flash Editor

Unofficial Hellobox Unlock Code Finder

 This method will help you find the Unlock Code of Hellobox Firmware without using DVB Finder. You can also find the code from the Information page of your installed Hellobox Firmware as well. This will help those people who are using Hellobox Firmware but want to know the Unlock Code they have used for the Firmware. 

PLEASE NOTE: This method does not provide Unlock code if License Code is Invalid. In that case you still require L Code. 

Step 1: Scan the QR Code on Information page of Set Top Box
using Google Lens App (Click Here to Download)

2. The MAC and Serial will appear as shown below

3. The MAC and SN below and Click the Button

Enter MAC

Enter SN

Solid Set Top Box Company Firmware



This is Company Provided Original Software

Click Here to View All Firmware Files

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Wezone M8 Software Updates


Wezone M8 Software Updates

Firmware Update Process Steps are given below:

1. Download the firmware from the given links

2. Copy the firmware to USB flashdrive / pen drive

3. Insert the Pen drive into any USB port of the set top box

4. Go to Settings > System Update > Update via USB > Select File and select correct zip file from disk

5. If there is a major update I recommend you select wipe data and wipe cache before update

6. Ensure there is no power cut during the entire process. Use UPS of some sort if possible.

7. Update process will take some time. 

8. Once the update completes set up your box, install apps if needed.

Given below are the links:

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - Same box with different branding

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - 20210515

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - 20210413

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - 20210831

 Wezone M8 - Original Firmware from Company - No updates

Wezone M8 Firmware - 20201015

Wezone M8 Firmware - 20190314


QBOX X1 Firmware for Wezone M8: (NEW!!!)

This software is best software, very smooth working. Only problem is that it does not support background apps which means Freecam will not work. In case you are using Freecam use the latest Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware. If you are using lines then this software is latest and best.

 QBOX X1 Firmware 20210621

In case your box is dead you need to use HiTool and will need Scatter File.

Download HiTool

 Download Wezone M8 Scatter File