Wednesday, June 9, 2021

All Montage STB 8 MB Firmware - With Home Share

Today I have brought for you the latest Montage Chipset 8 MB Firmware. The Firmware date is 21-May-2021 and this supports both RT and MT dongles. It Also supports 3G dongles of Huawei and USB Ethernet converters. This is the unmodified firmware of LION set top box.
Regarding the Remote, you need to use Wezone 888 Remote. Since the ir1 file is 60bytes I could not patch the Solid remote which is 72 bytes. Hence we have to use Wezone 888 Remote only.

The System menu looks like this:

The Network page is shown below. Yahoo news works fine. There are some arabic iptv apps. You cannot use DVBFinder. Youtube works fine. Flickr is provided for picture viewing. Lots of free iptv apps are included.

The hidden menu is enabled by default. No need to enter any code.

The unique feature of this firmware is Home Share option.Using Home Share you can share the line in this set top box with up to 4 other set top boxes in the same network. This is a very useful if you are using multiple set top box in your home but do not want to invest on purchase of multiple lines.

Click Here to Download Firmware

If you want to try to patch remote file for your set top box make sure the ir1 file is of same size. 

Click Here to Download Montage Flash Editor

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