Saturday, January 15, 2022

Matrix K5S Matrix Burgers S2 HD PVR | Free Scam Software Upgrade | VIDICON✅

 Matrix burger S2 HD PVR 8 MB software upgrade to get free scam for sports and movie broadcasts on the Tatasky 83'e group on the G-Sat 10 satellite DialogTV 45'e on the Intelsat 38 satellite and St2kuband on 88'e on that satellite there are broadcasts broadcasting the full English league match, namely star sports select 1 and select 2. in this software the group dialogue tv must change the position of the satellite degrees so that the blue list can be activated or the channel opens automatically.


Warning: software contains photos of hot girls. 

This is a K5S Firmware which works like Hellobox Firmware. Use auto_burn.fac to flash this firmware.



MIX HD Firmware for Solid 2100dlx 7272 8181 etc with solid remote

 This firmware belongs to MIX HD set top box. This is a 8MB standard firmware which works for montage set top box. You can install this firmware using flash.bin method if you are using standard firmware. If you are using k5s or hellobox firmware then you can use auto_burn.fac method.

If you are already using the Freesat Tracker Firmware I gave in 2021 you can do the online update.

The firmware supports the Solid 2100 DLX, 7272, 8181 remote, so if you have the remote you can perform a software update.

You can download the software from the link below.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Update Software K5S New Supports Videocon | Youtube | 2 dongle Wifi

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Update Software K5S New Supports Vicon | Youtube | 2 Wifi dongles✅

 New basic hellobox release for software update k5s support all mainboard types from tanaka t22 jurassic metal t21 new samurai and matrix burgers s2 4 mb the latest upgrade is available to be able to enjoy youtube features and support 2 wifi dongle | it looks simple with skins transformers | this version of the k5s software only opens 2 satellites, which is normal if there is a free scam open also the Tatasky 83 'channel and astro malaya, but because of the possibility of server maintenance or has gone viral to outside media one by one dark fly disappear channels like for example skynet at that time which was widely available in Hurry up by satellite tracking hunters where many take pictures when broadcasting certain live events, for example when watching EPL broadcasts there are parties who take pictures and send pictures to Pay TV, Pay TV immediately rushes to claim and report to the provider so that the broadcast provider upgrades the server and now many are dark because the server key has been updated which if you want to open the broadcast, it can only be opened with certain receivers.

K5S Hellobox special editon version, admin got it from the facebook group and has been tested without content or activation with the admin dvbfinder code upload it to this web so that all of you can use it wisely and can watch sports broadcasts and the best movies on satellites that support scams like in below:

Update Software K5s-4MB

Release Date 12-12-2021

Transformers Skins Bar

hellobox boot logo

Icon New Classic

Youtube is running

MT-RT dongle ( 2 supports )

Remote Tanaka / Mbs 2

Led Panel On/Off Safe

Auto Biss

Free Scam

MD5 : 89346bd4535a17fa5f2664ddf207acb2

By Facebook Group : Matrix Burger S2 K5S 4MB

By : Bagus's Rose




(this may show usb required so avoid this)

Alternative software:


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Software Winasat HD 88N | Free NaShare Protocol | GX6605S

Winasat HD 88N Software | Free NaShare Protocol | GX6605S 2nd

   Winasat HD 88N  is also the darkest  receiver most widely used by satellite tracking lovers because of its affordable price and available in every electronics store throughout Indonesia | Winasat HD 88N uses the GX6605S chipset, among others, such as Openbox HD Primasat PH-7572N Matrix Burger S8 Winasat HD 88N Lgsat Bigbang Guoxin Venus Inova HD Star HD Tanaka T21 Merpati Getmecom HD5 Guoxin Goldsat Lily HD Goldsat Rose HD Goldsat Winter HD Goldsat Summer HD Goldsat Spring HD Venus Meteor Star Vivasat DP6 HD Starcom u17 HD tennox 9000.

If there is a new software update from one of the receiver lists above, it can be used to upgrade if it's the same series and it's already on the latest hellobox and infinity software, this software can be upgraded for  Tanaka Komodo if it's already in the hellobox and infinity sw series position, if not in the software position it is mandatory to upgrade with the hellobox and infinity software first, then upgrade to this free nashare software.

Nashare Protocol Same function as Scam, different only in the chipset, Scam is out of K5S | KOS | GX6622 while Nashare is only available in the GX6605S series where in this software the latest features have just been added by Indian opreker experts, so we can use it to open broadcasts on the Astro | Tatasky | dialogue | St2kuband.

Winasat HD 88N Software Supports NaShare | Free 1 Year
First, upgrade to the JAMU software (software file to unclock from the factory default software) so you can go to Nashare free software.

Size 4 MB Chipset GX660S - Series

Bootlogo 3 Play

Menu 3D background icon Football Club

BAR Signal Original

Safe Panel | If there is a problem with the oot panel, leave it alone, as long as all the features run smoothly.

Support Youtube

Support IPTV, import from USB

IPTV server

Quran APP

Ready CCCAM | Gshare | NaShare

MT dongle

Nashare Support ( ASTRO - TATASKY - Vicon St2kuband - DialogTV - Asiasat 7 Asports )

Code To Open NaShare Protocol Menu:

Press Menu, Continue Press 5 5 times, until the Network NaShare Protocol Menu appears | Activate Nashare Must be connected to the internet.

LINK 1 - Downgrade Software

If the upgrade is successful, continue to download the sw below, for there is a nashare feature.

Download Firmware free nashare  

LINK 2 - Download New Firmware with Free Nashare 

 if it fails or is not supported, use the firmware below first, then upgrade with the firmware above:

GX6605S Free Nashare, and for GX6605s Free Nashare

LINK 3 - Download Here

Friday, October 8, 2021

Hellobox CS8001 ROM New version 20210830


Solid 2100 DLX/Pro/7272/8181 

QR CODE IS REQUIRED - To Purchase Click Here or Use NO QR Firmwere

Full EAC3 Dolby Audio Support

1 Year Scam+ 2.1 - Multi Satellite

Dongle Support: RT and MT

Youtube Working

M3U Working

Free IPTV Working

DVB Cast Working

For Upgrade go to Information and press Red button and then press 112 (F112 will appear)

Then proceed with USB Upgrade, select file and upgrade.

If it does not work rename file to auto_burn.fac and insert pendrive to usb.

If you have Company Firmware and want to install K5S Firmware Click Here

>>>> Click Here to Download <<<<

K5S Full EAC3 Dolby Audio Support - NO QR CODE + 1 year TataSki


 K5S Firmware- Best Update Ever

No QR Code is required

Solid 2100 DLX/Pro/7272/8181 

Full EAC3 Dolby Audio Support

 Dongle Support: RT and MT

M3U fully working

Youtube Not Working

 1 year Scam Free for Tata Ski (not tested)

For Upgrade go to Information and press Red button and then press 112 (F112 will appear)

Then proceed with USB Upgrade, select file and upgrade.

If it does not work rename file to auto_burn.fac and insert pendrive to usb.

If you have Company Firmware and want to install K5S Firmware Click Here

Special Thanks to Sat Lover for sharing the Firmware in the Telegram Group.

>>> Click Here to Download. <<<


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Convert Normal Montage Software to K5S / Hellobox Software and back

Convert Normal Montage Software to K5S / Hellobox Software

In this post I will show you how you can easily convert a normal montage software into a K5S or Hellobox software.

This process is now easy because  Hellobox Team has provided an 8MB firmware which makes it easy to update via USB.

This upgrade process works in all 8MB Montage set top boxes and using this process you can convert a normal 8MB montage software to 4MB K5S or Hellobox software via USB only.

First you

1. Download the 8MB converter file. CLICK HERE

2. This file is a 8MB file and its name is flash.bin. Do not change its name. This 8MB firmware is common for all montage set top boxes.

3. Download the 4MB K5S or Hellobox firmware of your choice. I have already provided a lot of them in my blog so you can search and download them or download from somewhere else. Make sure the firmware remote works or you need to patch the remote.

4. File name of the 4MB K5S or Hellobox firmware should be auto_burn.fac

5. Format a USB pen drive and copy both the files flash.bin and auto_burn.fac in the pen drive

6. Attach the pen drive and switch on your set top box. Keep pression the MENU button from your remote until you see USB UPGRADE DO NOT POWER OFF written on your TV. Then stop pressing the remote.


7. First the flash.bin software will update and your box will restart. After restart it will automatically recognize the 4MB firmware and upgrade it.


8. After the upgrade process is complete remove the USB pen drive.

9. After removing the USB pen drive restart the box. It will start on the K5S or Hellobox Firmware.

Return Back to Original 8MB Firmware

 If you do not like 4MB K5S or Hellobox Firmware you can return back to 8MB firmware easily. You can follow the same steps if you are stuck at QR Code and want to return to original firmware.

1.  Rename the 8MB OEM firmware or original dump file to auto_burn.fac

2. Copy the file into USB pen drive after formatting the pen drive.

3. Insert the USB pen drive into box. 

4. The flashing will start automatically. Remove pen drive once you see FFFF on the display.

5. Restart the box.

QR Code to NO QR Code Firmware

If you are stuck on QR Code and want to use a firmware with NO QR Code follow the process below.

1.  Rename the NO QR Code firmware to auto_burn.fac

2. Copy the file into USB pen drive after formatting the pen drive.

3. Insert the USB pen drive into box. 

4. The flashing will start automatically. Remove pen drive once you see FFFF on the display.

5. Restart the box.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Software K5S Classic | Openkey | Autobiss | Free scam 83 East - No QR Code


Breaking news software ! update new software upgrade K5S 4 MB for a 1 year free scam feature update which is definitely open for sports broadcasts on Tatasky satellites such as stars sports select sony ten euro sport group and others in 1080i HD video format that is pleasing to the eye, this software can be directly upgraded if my friend is already on the classic k5s software, what is meant by classic is the software that you are currently using, not from the sw hellobox which has a barcode at the first activation.

Furthermore, if you have already upgraded to the hellobox version of sw k5s and currently you are using the hellobox sw, and if you want to upgrade this classic k5s software, you just need to upgrade via hardflash or auto_burn.fac.

Tata SKY Satellite: 83' E (West direction below measat, above Skynet)

Strongest TP: 11012V 32720

Sports Broadcast : Sony ten HD . Stars Sports Select 1.2 HD . EURO Sports

Movie broadcasts: Sony Pix , Star Movies , A Flix, &TV ,and more

K5S Software Description:

Size 4 MB

Tanaka Jurassic Metal T22

Tanaka Samurai T21

Matrix Burger (downgrade 4 mb via auto_burn )

Tanaka Bootlogo

No Code Scan DVBfinder

classic menu

MT dongle

Click HERE

K5S 8 MB Software - Free scam 1 Year | Matrix Burgers S2 HD PVR - NO QR Code


K5S software update specifically Matrix Burgers S2 HD PVR 8 MB, the only one using the factory default 8 mb memory, software upgrade is available for this 8 mb type with free scam updates on the tatasky vicon / st 88 tv dialogue which is where the best sports broadcasts are available on the satellite which is super HD video quality.

For how to upgrade, this software is upgraded by auto_burn fac by renaming the downloaded file to "auto_burn.fac".

This software can also be used on the Skybox A1 New 8 MB receiver by upgrading via auto_burn fac.

Software Description:

MBS2 Bootlogo

K5S' Menu

Auto biss

MT dongle

Free scam 1 year *83*88*45

Youtube working

M3U Complete

Download:  Click HERE

Software only for 8 MB MBS2 and Skybox A1 New 8 MB, If you are using 4 MB memory please visit this web homepage.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Wezone M8 + Freecam = Lifetime Free $ Channels


 Please follow the steps below to configure Lifetime Free Channels

1. Install Freecam

2. Start Freecam and note down the 4 digit userid and password. During exit, choose Run in background.

3. Open DVB app and add new cccam.

4. Use ip: Use port:10000, and use the userid and password shown in the Freecam app. 

5. Save and exit, and start cccam. This is a one time process.

6. Now you will be able to watch all supported $ channels for free without any other costs.

7. Next time you start tv first start freecam and exit. During exit, choose Run in background.

8. Then start DVB app and watch tv, you dont need to do anything else. 



You can download Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware for Wezone M8 from here.

Watch full process on Youtube:

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Solid 2100 Pro New, 2100 DLX, 8181, 7272 - K5S 4MB Firmware Free Scam 1 Year (Tata ski) NO QR

 This is New K5S Firmware for Solid 2100 DLX/ProNew/7272/8181 etc working on Solid Remote. 

No QR Code is required.

Basic Strongman special edition for k5s users can try this software to be able to enjoy free scam broadcasts on a special 4 mb Tatasky satellite. This software works just like the classic k5s software, only the appearance is different, the rest is the same. This software is updated on June 16, 2021 which is still working for the Tatasky scam until 2022 (1 year free scam) This active scam is not VIP, if it's VIP then it can open Sat Dialog TV, ST2 Kuband, Airtel.

 This is the boot logo.

This is the main menu

The information page shows the date 6th-July-2021

It supports lot of IPTV apps, m3u, Youporn (code 8612)

This supports scam (not VIP scam+) and works in 83 East

The only drawback is that it supports only MT 7601 Dongle.

Rest of the things like youtube are working fine.

Click Here to Download.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Digisat Nano Set Top Box 8MB Software


This software was shared with you in August 2020 and now I am sharing it again so that you can find it easily.

You can watch the details of the firmware in this video.

Please find the download link below:

Click Here to download 3-Aug-2020 Update

Click Here to download 26-Oct-2018 Update

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Solid 2100 Pro New, DLX, 7272, 8181 remote firmware with QR CODE

This firmware is only for those who have QR unlock code handy. It does not matter whether they have purchased Hellobox or not. If someone has activated Hellobox firmware with an unlock code before the firmware became paid then you can install this firmware.

The only difference you will notice with this firmware and the NO QR CODE firmware is that this firmware supports clear dolby (EAC3+) sound.

Firmware Date: 1-Feb-2021

Size: 4 MB

QR Code Present

EAC3+ working via AV

Youtube Working

Wifi Dongle support RT and MT.

M3U working (please note M3U gets uploaded to Hellobox server)

There is no DLNA or SATIP option.

Click Here to Download