Saturday, June 5, 2021

Wezone M8 Software Updates


Wezone M8 Software Updates

Firmware Update Process Steps are given below:

1. Download the firmware from the given links

2. Copy the firmware to USB flashdrive / pen drive

3. Insert the Pen drive into any USB port of the set top box

4. Go to Settings > System Update > Update via USB > Select File and select correct zip file from disk

5. If there is a major update I recommend you select wipe data and wipe cache before update

6. Ensure there is no power cut during the entire process. Use UPS of some sort if possible.

7. Update process will take some time. 

8. Once the update completes set up your box, install apps if needed.

Given below are the links:

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - Same box with different branding

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - 20210515

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - 20210413

Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware - 20210831

 Wezone M8 - Original Firmware from Company - No updates

Wezone M8 Firmware - 20201015

Wezone M8 Firmware - 20190314


QBOX X1 Firmware for Wezone M8: (NEW!!!)

This software is best software, very smooth working. Only problem is that it does not support background apps which means Freecam will not work. In case you are using Freecam use the latest Starnet Golden 2050 Firmware. If you are using lines then this software is latest and best.

 QBOX X1 Firmware 20210621

In case your box is dead you need to use HiTool and will need Scatter File.

Download HiTool

 Download Wezone M8 Scatter File



  1. StarNet golden swan me Miracast working hai kya

  2. Miracast working nahi hai but yesa lag raha hai nest update me Miracast aajayega kyo ki is software me Miracast ka kuchh plugin file dala gya hai I'm waiting for new miracast updates