Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Software Winasat HD 88N | Free NaShare Protocol | GX6605S

Winasat HD 88N Software | Free NaShare Protocol | GX6605S 2nd

   Winasat HD 88N  is also the darkest  receiver most widely used by satellite tracking lovers because of its affordable price and available in every electronics store throughout Indonesia | Winasat HD 88N uses the GX6605S chipset, among others, such as Openbox HD Primasat PH-7572N Matrix Burger S8 Winasat HD 88N Lgsat Bigbang Guoxin Venus Inova HD Star HD Tanaka T21 Merpati Getmecom HD5 Guoxin Goldsat Lily HD Goldsat Rose HD Goldsat Winter HD Goldsat Summer HD Goldsat Spring HD Venus Meteor Star Vivasat DP6 HD Starcom u17 HD tennox 9000.

If there is a new software update from one of the receiver lists above, it can be used to upgrade if it's the same series and it's already on the latest hellobox and infinity software, this software can be upgraded for  Tanaka Komodo if it's already in the hellobox and infinity sw series position, if not in the software position it is mandatory to upgrade with the hellobox and infinity software first, then upgrade to this free nashare software.

Nashare Protocol Same function as Scam, different only in the chipset, Scam is out of K5S | KOS | GX6622 while Nashare is only available in the GX6605S series where in this software the latest features have just been added by Indian opreker experts, so we can use it to open broadcasts on the Astro | Tatasky | dialogue | St2kuband.

Winasat HD 88N Software Supports NaShare | Free 1 Year
First, upgrade to the JAMU software (software file to unclock from the factory default software) so you can go to Nashare free software.

Size 4 MB Chipset GX660S - Series

Bootlogo 3 Play

Menu 3D background icon Football Club

BAR Signal Original

Safe Panel | If there is a problem with the oot panel, leave it alone, as long as all the features run smoothly.

Support Youtube

Support IPTV, import from USB

IPTV server

Quran APP

Ready CCCAM | Gshare | NaShare

MT dongle

Nashare Support ( ASTRO - TATASKY - Vicon St2kuband - DialogTV - Asiasat 7 Asports )

Code To Open NaShare Protocol Menu:

Press Menu, Continue Press 5 5 times, until the Network NaShare Protocol Menu appears | Activate Nashare Must be connected to the internet.

LINK 1 - Downgrade Software

If the upgrade is successful, continue to download the sw below, for there is a nashare feature.

Download Firmware free nashare  

LINK 2 - Download New Firmware with Free Nashare 

 if it fails or is not supported, use the firmware below first, then upgrade with the firmware above:

GX6605S Free Nashare, and for GX6605s Free Nashare

LINK 3 - Download Here