Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Solid 2100 DLX, 2100 Pro(new), 7272, 8181 - K5S Software Youtube OK - NO QR CODE


We have been waiting for updated Firmware without QR Code for our Montage Set Top Boxes. Freesat Tracker bring for you another K5S Firmware with Full Remote Working for the following Set Top Boxes.

1.Solid 2100 DLX

2. Solid 2100 Pro New

3. Solid 7272

4. Solid 8181

This Firmware will also work if you use the Solid Remote in other Montage Set Top Boxes without any issues.

If you are using any K5S Firmware then you have to rename the firmware file to auto_burn.fac and copy it into a pen drive. Make sure the pen drive is an 8 GB pen drive as the firmware tries to create a dummy file of 4 GB size which you can delete later. You can also try with a smaller pen drive as it will probably do the job. Just plug in the pen drive and your set top box will automatically start the update. Remove the pen drive once you see FFFF on the display panel.

The Menu:

 Information: (Update 14-04-2021)

 Youtube is working fine as of now.

Regarding Audio, the firmware supports Dolby(AC3+) Audio but only 80% clear. We hope in future updates the audio will be 100% clear just like paid firmware.

It supports both RT and MT dongles without any issue.

 Click Here to Download

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  1. It is 4 mb file but my solid 2100 pro is 8 mb suprted