Saturday, June 26, 2021

Solid 2100 Pro New, DLX, 7272, 8181 remote firmware with QR CODE

This firmware is only for those who have QR unlock code handy. It does not matter whether they have purchased Hellobox or not. If someone has activated Hellobox firmware with an unlock code before the firmware became paid then you can install this firmware.

The only difference you will notice with this firmware and the NO QR CODE firmware is that this firmware supports clear dolby (EAC3+) sound.

Firmware Date: 1-Feb-2021

Size: 4 MB

QR Code Present

EAC3+ working via AV

Youtube Working

Wifi Dongle support RT and MT.

M3U working (please note M3U gets uploaded to Hellobox server)

There is no DLNA or SATIP option.

Click Here to Download

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