Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Solid 2100 Pro New, 2100 DLX, 8181, 7272 - K5S 4MB Firmware Free Scam 1 Year (Tata ski) NO QR

 This is New K5S Firmware for Solid 2100 DLX/ProNew/7272/8181 etc working on Solid Remote. 

No QR Code is required.

Basic Strongman special edition for k5s users can try this software to be able to enjoy free scam broadcasts on a special 4 mb Tatasky satellite. This software works just like the classic k5s software, only the appearance is different, the rest is the same. This software is updated on June 16, 2021 which is still working for the Tatasky scam until 2022 (1 year free scam) This active scam is not VIP, if it's VIP then it can open Sat Dialog TV, ST2 Kuband, Airtel.

 This is the boot logo.

This is the main menu

The information page shows the date 6th-July-2021

It supports lot of IPTV apps, m3u, Youporn (code 8612)

This supports scam (not VIP scam+) and works in 83 East

The only drawback is that it supports only MT 7601 Dongle.

Rest of the things like youtube are working fine.

Click Here to Download.


  1. 2100 dlx original remote working? EAC3 AND AUDIO LANGUAGE WORKING?

  2. usb upgrade main atak gaya, abhi kya karu

  3. dada please help, usb upgrade e atke ache

  4. flash.bin diye korechilam, auto_burn.fac diye korbo? ekhon khule nile stb problem hobe nato?

    1. Jodi normal firmware theke upgrade koro tahole flash.bin
      K5s firmware theke korle auto_burn.fac

  5. Normal firmware theke directly nao hote pare. Agey jekono hellobox er moto ekta firmware korte hobe. Tar pore auto_burn.fac diye hobe

  6. If stuck in upgrade
    Use flash.bin to flash dump of existing firmware