Monday, August 30, 2021

Software K5S Classic | Openkey | Autobiss | Free scam 83 East - No QR Code


Breaking news software ! update new software upgrade K5S 4 MB for a 1 year free scam feature update which is definitely open for sports broadcasts on Tatasky satellites such as stars sports select sony ten euro sport group and others in 1080i HD video format that is pleasing to the eye, this software can be directly upgraded if my friend is already on the classic k5s software, what is meant by classic is the software that you are currently using, not from the sw hellobox which has a barcode at the first activation.

Furthermore, if you have already upgraded to the hellobox version of sw k5s and currently you are using the hellobox sw, and if you want to upgrade this classic k5s software, you just need to upgrade via hardflash or auto_burn.fac.

Tata SKY Satellite: 83' E (West direction below measat, above Skynet)

Strongest TP: 11012V 32720

Sports Broadcast : Sony ten HD . Stars Sports Select 1.2 HD . EURO Sports

Movie broadcasts: Sony Pix , Star Movies , A Flix, &TV ,and more

K5S Software Description:

Size 4 MB

Tanaka Jurassic Metal T22

Tanaka Samurai T21

Matrix Burger (downgrade 4 mb via auto_burn )

Tanaka Bootlogo

No Code Scan DVBfinder

classic menu

MT dongle

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