Monday, August 30, 2021

K5S 8 MB Software - Free scam 1 Year | Matrix Burgers S2 HD PVR - NO QR Code


K5S software update specifically Matrix Burgers S2 HD PVR 8 MB, the only one using the factory default 8 mb memory, software upgrade is available for this 8 mb type with free scam updates on the tatasky vicon / st 88 tv dialogue which is where the best sports broadcasts are available on the satellite which is super HD video quality.

For how to upgrade, this software is upgraded by auto_burn fac by renaming the downloaded file to "auto_burn.fac".

This software can also be used on the Skybox A1 New 8 MB receiver by upgrading via auto_burn fac.

Software Description:

MBS2 Bootlogo

K5S' Menu

Auto biss

MT dongle

Free scam 1 year *83*88*45

Youtube working

M3U Complete

Download:  Click HERE

Software only for 8 MB MBS2 and Skybox A1 New 8 MB, If you are using 4 MB memory please visit this web homepage.

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