Sunday, May 30, 2021

Software Update for Solid 2100 DLX / PRO NEW / 7272 / 8181 Mar-2021


Software Update for Solid 2100 DLX / 2100 PRO NEW / 7272 / 8181 2nd-March-2021

Software Update for Solid 2100 DLX
Date 2-March-2021

What additional feature is supported:
1. Channel freezing problem while changing channels fully solved
2. Free IPTV
3. Protocol
4. Key edit
5. Custom m3u import
6. Weather

The software may also work perfectly for Solid 8181 without making any changes.

Statutory warning:
This is not original firmware from solid but from indonesian receiver MIX HD customised for Solid box. It is being provided for free without any warranty whatsoever. I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong while installing or using this software. So use the software at your own risk.

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Freesat Tracker -SOLID 2100 DLX

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