Friday, October 8, 2021

K5S Full EAC3 Dolby Audio Support - NO QR CODE + 1 year TataSki


 K5S Firmware- Best Update Ever

No QR Code is required

Solid 2100 DLX/Pro/7272/8181 

Full EAC3 Dolby Audio Support

 Dongle Support: RT and MT

M3U fully working

Youtube Not Working

 1 year Scam Free for Tata Ski (not tested)

For Upgrade go to Information and press Red button and then press 112 (F112 will appear)

Then proceed with USB Upgrade, select file and upgrade.

If it does not work rename file to auto_burn.fac and insert pendrive to usb.

If you have Company Firmware and want to install K5S Firmware Click Here

Special Thanks to Sat Lover for sharing the Firmware in the Telegram Group.

>>> Click Here to Download. <<<


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